Night Mechanic


The frenzy continues as these good old boys are miraculously staying out of jail and breaking the needles off the meters with their medievalist honky tonk, barroom confessionals, and urban rustler swing. A known carginogen in California.

Working Late (2013)
This band has it all: Knotty dueling guitars, heat-seeking pop chops, a singing drummer! -Ned Lannamann The Mercury

Night Mechanic's second album, Working Late, was released back in April on AIO Records, and it's easily one of the better releases I've heard all year. -Chipp Terwilliger

Night Mechanic (2011)
Night Mechanic was recorded at Jackpot and the infamous Color Lab by Matthew Morgan with their strangely original lineup, and the result, with more of the budget probably spent on beer than tape, is a rough hewn lyrical pop masterpiece.

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