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Antinomie (2012)
Out April 17th!

"By writing their own rules and taking some significant risks, Susurrus Station has created an album that borders on the edge of exceptional... the talent and originality of this group make this record one of the most intriguing albums of the year!"-Tj, Get it on Vinyl

"Few bands can transport so completely as these folks. I don't have any idea how this album tripped its way into our relatively static universe, but I'm sure glad I got a taste."-Jon Worley, A&A

"Susurrus Station leads a fantastic excursion into the underbelly and cold conscious of the modern mid-west." - Willsk, Leicester Bangs

"I'm proud to say that it's great...The production is airy, wide open in the right places, with a few lush left field excursions that keep it interesting." -Jess Gulbranson,

" of the most bizarre offerings you will hear this year. We just happen to think that this is so bizarre that its fantastic – orchestral arrangements, eardrum shattering violin noises, heavily distorted guitars and enough layers to re-tarmac your driveway." - Boost the Music

“Antinomie is a fine record to delve into and explore ... and maybe lose oneself in. It may be exceedingly freakish at times, but never boring." -Atrist Xite

"...this is an interesting, varied, unpredictable and dreamy genre mix of an album." - Meadow Music



Add a Day Going West (2009)
"Breeden and Johanne bring to the table a phenomenal display of culture and expansive instrumental talent that makes Susurrus Station and its songs almost mind-boggling." -Magnet Magazine

"Susurrus Station's avant-folk is mighty pretentious...on the other hand, the group's busy orchestrations set a haunting mood." -Time Out New York

"Multi-instrumentalists and vocalist, both, Breeden and Johanne mix styles and sounds in unusual and surprising ways to create some of the edgiest and darkness Avant-Folk in the business today." -Wildy's World

"These songs blow by like some sort of gothic western, with all sorts of noises whistling by in the background" -Aiding & Abetting

"There is a lot of space on these songs that creates the sense of eeriness at times, almost like a fog filled forest where you know if you enter, trouble will follow. Still, enter you must and that's the feeling that takes you over on this record." -Room Thirteen

"...a transcendantly beautiful and strange band called Susurrus Station. Identifiable strata of exotica, cowboy music, avant-folk, Kurt Weill, showtunes, post-jazz again, spy-fi, and very gentle noise can be detected in the sedimentary layers of an undiscovered stylistic planet." -Noah Mickelsen, Portland

"Susurrus Station are a haunting US outfit who mix gothic melodrama, orchestral jazz improv, experimental sound collage and a healthy dose of poetic lyrical license..." -UK Music Search, London

"I was luke warm on it at first, but I found it grew on me with successive listens. Perhaps it’s because the album has a grand reach, which occasionally exceeds its grasp. In addition to a melding of too many genres to mention, there are lots of sounds here; in addition to keyboards, guitar, drums, bass and vox, there’s a kalimba, tuba, cello, viola, horn section, and a lot more. This can make for ambition that difficult to access. But it can also make for great drama, and more often that not on this album, it succeeds." -Berkeley Place


(1,2) Unbuckle the Blue (2006)
"(1,2) UNBUCKLE THE BLUE finds Susurrus Station offering a collection of songs that ultimately reward your time. By no means, an instant or immediate affair, this is nevertheless one that's effects are long term and intoxicating." -UK Music Search, London
Out of print

Tinhorn Forlorn (2005)
Acoustic ep featuring a cover of "Don't Fence Me In".
Out of print


O.K. Carousal (2005)
"Susurrus Station's avant-folk is mighty pretentious...on the other hand, the group's busy
orchestrations set a haunting mood."
-Time Out New York
Out of print

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